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Single-stage diesel burner  ST 120 R Bentone

used for burning diesel fuel, diesel fuel.

The diesel burner has standard mounting dimensions, flange and nozzle. Fits on most universal boilers with steel or cast iron heat exchangers.

The diesel burner must be selected according to the useful power of the boiler, while the burner must have a power 10-15% higher than the power of the boiler. It is recommended to check the geometric dimensions of the flame and the size (depth of the boiler furnace). The installation and adjustment of the oil burner must be carried out by a specialist.

Bentone Diesel Burner Features Bentone
High efficiency;
Single-stage - the boiler control panel must support the control of a single-stage burner;
The burner can operate on liquid fuel, diesel fuel;
The burner is installed on a standard easy-to-install flange, plug connection (standard connector for connection to most boilers), easy to operate and maintain;
The diesel burner is certified in the Russian Federation and meets more stringent European requirements;
The burner is supplied with a mounting flange. There is everything you need for installation and operation.

List code Bentone

ST 108 R  Bentone Vietnam
ST 108 RV  Bentone Vietnam
ST 120 R  Bentone Vietnam
ST 120 RV  Bentone Vietnam
ST 120 KA Bentone Vietnam
ST 133 S Bentone Vietnam
ST 133 K Bentone Vietnam
ST 133 K L Bentone Vietnam
ST 146 KS  Bentone Vietnam
ST 146 B30A Bentone Vietnam
ST 146 B30A L Bentone Vietnam