Đại lý phân phối chính thức Bentone tại Việt Nam - Bentone Vietnam - ANS Vietnam 

Bentone BF1 

BF1 is our most flexible burner for domestic applications and exists in several versions. Designed for modern effective combustion and Ecodesigned approved according to class 3.

Capacity: 0,9-7,6 kg/h (11-90 kW)

BF1 can be used for traditional heating of domestic and commercial buildings including industrial applications and mobile equipment.

The burner has small dimensions and a high capacity and parts are easy to replace which makes the burner very service friendly. The burner is delivered as a complete unit with fittings and maintenance instructions.

Advantages Bentone 

  • Energy saving and compatible with environmental requirements
  • Quiet in operation and designed for easy maintenance
  • Reliable and trouble free
  • Designed and approved in accordance with the European standard EN 267
  • Suitable for high resistance and condensing boilers
  • Industry standard components easily available
  • Plug-in contact facilitates the installation
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Available in several standard models, and approved for RME

List code Bentone

BF 1 FU Bentone Vietnam
BF 1 FU HC Bentone Vietnam
BF 1 FUV  Bentone Vietnam
BF 1 FUV HC Bentone Vietnam
BF 1 KS  Bentone Vietnam
BF 1 KS HC Bentone Vietnam
BF 1 KSV  Bentone Vietnam
BF 1 KSV HC Bentone Vietnam