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DS 500 - Intelligent chart recorder Cs Instruments

From recording of the measured data, indication on a big colour screen, alerting, storage up to remote read-out via webserver... this is all possible with DS 500. By means of the CS Soft Basic software alarms can be sent via SMS or e-mail. All measured values, measured curves and threshold exceedings are indicated. The curve progressions from the beginning of the measurement can be viewed by an easy slide of the finger. Daily/weekly/monthly reports with costs in € and counter reading in m³ for each consumption sensor are completing the sophisticated system concept. The big difference to odinary paperless chart recorders reveals in the easy initiation and in the evaluation of the measured data. All sensors are identified directly and powered by DS 500. Everything is matched and tuned.

Advantages of DS 500 at a glance
Clear layout: 7" colour screen with touch panel
Versatile: Up to 12 optional sensors can be connected
Suitable for industrial applications: Metal housing IP 65 or panel mounting
Data avialable though world wide web: Network-compatible and remote transmission via webserver
Intelligent: Daily/weekly/monthly reports
Mathematical function for internal calculations
Totalizer function for analogue signals
Saves time and costs during installation
Mathematical function for internal calculations
e.g. the typical figures of a compressed air plant:

costs in € per generated m³ air
kwh/m³ generated air
consumption of single lines including summation
Totalizer function for analogue signals
e.g. 0/4...20 mA, 0...10 V. In case of third-party sensors which e.g. only give a 4...20 mA signal for the actual flow in m³/h a total counter reading in m³ can be generated by means of the totalizer function.


  • DS 500 PM mobile – efficiency measurement for compressors
  • PI 500 for e.g. portable flow measurement
  • Intelligent chart recorder DS 500 for compressed air and gases
  • Chart recorder - DS 400
  • Intelligent mobile chart recorder - DS 500 mobile
  • Affordable mobile chart recorder in a case - DS 400 mobile
  • DS 52 - Digital process meter