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VA 525 - Compact in-line flow sensor Cs Instruments 

Flow sensor with integrated flow straightener / no inlet sections necessary

The newly developed VA 525 combines modern digital interfaces for connection to an energy monitoring system with a small, compact design. Due to its reasonable price and modern digital interfaces this compact in-line flow sensor is used when many machines (compressed air consumers) are to be integrated as easily as possible into an energy monitoring network.

The high-contrast, integrated display also displays the current values rotated by 180° if desired (very useful for overhead installation). Depending on the configuration, two of the following values can be displayed:

  • Current consumption in m³/h, l / min, ...
  • Total consumption (meter reading) in m³, l, kg
  • Temperature measurement
  • Optional: Pressure measurement

Special advantages of the flow sensor VA 525

  • Compact, small design - for use in machines, behind maintenance unit at the end user
  • Optionally with classic analogue signals (4...20 mA and pulse) or digital interfaces such as Modbus RTU, Ethernet (also PoE), M-Bus
  • All interfaces are programmable via the display


Proven flow meters and flow measurement devices for compressed air and gas

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M-Bus - Industrial gas meter – Thiết bị đo khí ga công nghiệp

  • VA 409 - Flow direction switch for compressed air systems- Công tắc hướng dòng chảy cho hệ thống khí nén