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Đo hàm lượng dầu dư OILCHECK theo ISO 8573 - Cs Instruments Vietnam

The residual oil content sensor OIL check measures the vaporous residual oil content in the compressed air. By means of a sample taking a representative part volume flow is taken from the compressed air and led to the OIL check. Due to the continuous measurement threshold value exceeding will be recognized immediately and remedial actions can be initiated to ensure oil-free compressed air.

Stationary solution in combination with the DS 400
OIL-Check 400 – residual oil content measurement of the vaporous residual oil content from 0.001…2,5 mg/m³, 3…16 bar. Highly precise PID sensor, integrated mini catalyst for zero point calibration
Permanent, highly precise residual oil measurement (oil vapor) with PID sensor (photo-ionic-detector)
Long-term stable measuring results due to automatic zero-point calibration. The integrated mini catalyst reliably generates a defined reference gas for zero-point calibration
Contrary to measuring systems which generate the ”zero air“ resp. reference gas by means of active carbon filters and which are there fore depending on the ageing and the saturation of the active carbon filters, the mini catalyst generates the ”zero air” without ageing or wear. There is no change of active carbon filters necessary
Easy sampling via PTFE hose or stainless steel pipe
residual oil content measurement OILCHECK according to ISO 8573


Particle counter and residual oil measurement to ensure compressed air quality

Máy đếm phân tử và đo lượng dầu dư để đảm bảo chất lượng khí nén

  • Residual oil content measurement OILCHECK according to ISO 8573 - stationary solution & mobile solution  – Đo hàm lượng dầu dư theo chuẩn ISO 8573 –đo tại chỗ & di động
  • Particle counter PC 400 - stationary & mobile  solution according to ISO 8573

Đo hàm lượng phân tử  theo chuẩn ISO 8573 –đo tại chỗ & di động