New regulations in Europe! 

2018 will be a very exciting year with new regulations both for Ecodesign rules 
and IE3 energy efficiency classes for motors.
 Bentone will continue to stay ahead 
and implement our new IE3 classed motors during the coming months and 
replace older models. 

Safety shut-off valves for oil for our burners is also updated to the latest directive following the EU directive EN ISO 23553-1:2014. This will mainly affect our burner from B40 to B80 with an increase in price and change of specifications and installation manuals.

Implementation of new regulations and compliances which we have to comply to as Bentone is a European manufacturer also means that we will continue to stay ahead and continue to produce state of the art burners for the whole world. All these changes is of course at the same time made for you our valid customer based on new directives from the European union which we have to comply to.

These new regulations which affects our range of burners also affects the price for our burners which will also increase due to size and more material used in the production of new motors. 

The valves are produced according to the directive EN ISO 23553-1:2014 and fulfill all the requirements for safety shut-off valves for oil

Bentone will distribute more information about IE3 regulations so you will be able to make the necessary changes and able to inform your customers.

Background details regarding IE3 

From January 2018 IE3 will become mandatory in Europe. Standard IEC 60034-30 defines the energy efficiency classes for asynchronous motors. Regulations (EC) 640/2009 and 04/2014 establish the conditions for the conversion to the new energy-efficient technology. IE2 has been in place as the minimum efficiency since 2011. 

The second stage will now take effect since of January 1, 2017. Only motors in the power range from 7.5 to 375 kW complying with Energy Efficiency Class IE3 will be permitted for line operation in the European Economic Area from that date. This is a legal requirement. January 1, 2017, saw the expansion of statutory provisions on motor efficiency. Since this date, the energy efficiency class IE3 has been mandated for motors with power ratings from 0.75 to 7.5 kW, with laws now covering all motors ranging from 0.75 to 375 kW.

Best regards

Niclas Persson
Export Sales Manager Bentone