Plastic Variable Area Flow Meters

For many non-corrosive, low-pressure air, water and gas flow applications, it pays to use accurate instrumentation that provides highly repeatable results and is also durable and affordable. Brooks Instrument delivers that combination in our versatile line of plastic variable area oxygen flow meters.

Durability is the result of precision-machined, one-piece, acrylic-body blocks that can handle demanding projects and mounting panels. Plus, configuration and customization options for scales, floats, fittings and control valves accommodate a variety of oxygen flow measurement applications, whether in the lab or the field.


  • Most cost-effective solution for non-corrosive and low pressure applications
  • Excellent measurement repeatability which provides process stability and consistency.
  • Fluid Type: Gas, Liquids
  • Flow Range: (Full Scale Capacity)Gas: 40 sccm - 1000 slpm
  • Liquid: 100 gr/m - 375 kg/m
  • Accuracy: 2-10% FS
  • Max Pressure: 100 psig
  • Temperature: 72oC (160oF)
  • Output Type: Visual Indication

PRODUCT models  

  • Models 2510 / 2520 / 2530 / 2540S or V / 2540I
  • Models 3000

Glass Variable Area Flow Meters

Rugged. Economical. Easy to use rotameters for flow measurement technology.

When measuring liquid or gas flow at higher pressures and temperatures than is suitable for plastic, you can achieve accurate flow rates with robust glass tube rotameters (variable area flow meters) from Brooks Instrument. With a broader range of flow rates available, glass tube rotameters are suitable for a variety of liquids and gases.

Resistance to thermal shock, pressure and oxidation is the result of employing borosilicate glass tube bodies that can withstand pressures up to 13.8 bar (200 psi). Plus, corrosion-resistant material options for scales, floats, fittings and valves accommodate a variety of applications, whether in the lab or in industrial processes.


  • Improved accuracy over plastic flow meters
  • Suitable for wider flow ranges and and more gas types
  • Fluid Type : Clean Gases & Liquids
  • Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)
    • Air: 170 scfm - 280 m3n/hr
    • Water: 98 gpm - 22,000 l/h
  • Accuracy : 1-2% FS
  • Max Pressure Refer to Maximum Pressure Ratings Table in Data Sheet
  • Temperature” 121oC (250oF)
  • Output Type: Visual Indication


  • Sho-Rate™ Series - Models 1250A / 1255A / 1350G / 1355G / 1358
  • GT1600 Series (Replacement for GT1000, GT1300 & Full-View® models)

FC Series- Models FC8744 / FC8800 / FC8900


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