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Tempress A/S is one of the leading players in supplying instruments to the process industries e.g. power plants, off-shore installations, chemical works, hydraulic installations, paper mills, gas controls equipment and petrochemical industry. Tempress offers a comprehensive product range for measuring pressure, temperature, level and angle positioning in all kinds of process industries.

If you look for a high accuracy in monitoring pressure and temperature, then choose Tempress precision sensors.

Tempress have their own R&D staff and skilled employees developing our instruments to work and last in all kind of environments – from the toughest chemical plants to the highest purities in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Made from high quality components on our own factories in Denmark and China and designed to withstand tear and wear from both the process it is measuring and the ambient environment it is exposed to.

Currently Tempress’s instruments are sold to many leading manufacturers in different industries worldwide.  Out of some 100,000 instruments produced a year more than 80% are exported. Mainly to the EU countries, but also to many overseas markets, in total to some 30 countries globally.

 Tempress product ranges:

  • Differential pressure gauge – MK5
  • Standard Pressure gauge
  • Flow Pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel Pressure gauge – Direct mounted
  • Digital pressure gauges
  • Pressure gauges
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter – Heavy duty
  • Pressure Transmitter – Heavy duty
  • FAP600/P610 – ATEX/DNV – Transmitters
  • Pressure switches
  • Capsule gauges – low pressure
  • Magnetic level indicator
  • Proximity sensors- Indupec®
  • SF6 gas monitor
  • Diaphragm Seals
  • Temperature sensors
  • Thermometers

Bài viết sản phẩm:

1.Tempress Flow measuring products

By using a nonlinear relation between pressure and the measured media it is possible to create a flow meter using a pressure gauge. We at Tempress offer, this solution if you can supply us with a table that explain the relation between the measured media and the pressure.

Tempress also supply transmitters for flow measuring. You can find all our flow measuring devices below.

  • Differential pressure gauge – MK5 Type A20
  • Flow Pressure gauge TYPE A10
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter – Heavy duty Type: HD10 , HD00
  • Pressure Transmitter – Heavy duty- Type: HP00, HP01, HP02, HP10, HP11, HP12

2.Tempress Level Measuring products

If you want to measure level of a media, you can do so using either a mechanical pressure gauge with a customized dial with a level scale, or use our Transmitters.

TEMPRESS A/S has a comprehensive product range developed and produced by highly qualified employees. The product range is built up by a modular system resulting in a very high degree of flexibility. This, combined with a large stock both at TEMPRESS A/S and its net of agents and whole sales, guarantees fast delivery.

As a long-standing manufacturer of instrumentation the TEMPRESS brand is a guarantee of products which fully live up to the demands of industry in terms of reliability and accurate measurement. TEMPRESS A/S is ISO 9001 certified and operates in accordance with the concept: professional advice, production of quality products and fast precise delivery.

You can find all our flow measuring devices below.

  • Capsule gauges – low pressure P1120
  • Differential pressure gauge – MK5 Type A20
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter – Heavy duty Type: HD10 , HD00
  • ATEX/DNV Pressure Transmitter FAP600/ FAP610 Series
  • Low Pressure gauge TYPE A10
  • Magnetic level indicator EF series : EFB-2540, EFB-2600, EFB-2560, EFB-2580, EFB-2620, EFB-2630, EFB-2592, EFB-2654, EFB-0700, EFB-0740, EFA-2111, EFA-2120, EFA-2130, EFA-2140, EFB-1220, EFB 1230, EFB-1250/  EFB-1260, EFB-1300/ EFB-1310, EFB-1400, EFB-1410, EFB-1420, EFB-1430, EFB-1440, EFB-1450, FGAG, FGCG, FGAK4, FGAK7, FGAK8, FGAK4, FGAK7, FGAK8, FGAN4, FGAN7, FGAN8, FGAX4, FGAX7, FGAX8, FGCK4, FGCK7, FGCK8, FGCK4, FGCK7, FGCK8, FGCN4, FGCN7, FGCN8, FGCX4, FGCX7, FGCX8
  • Pressure Transmitter – Heavy duty Type: HP00, HP01, HP02, HP10, HP11, HP12
  • Stainless steel Pressure gauge – Direct mounted Type A1203
  • Standard Pressure gauge TYPE A10

3.Tempress Proximity Sensors – Cảm biến tiệm cận

Proximity sensors are beneficial for companies working with manufacturing and design. Sensors should be precise and effective. Proximity measuring systems are paramount when a production should stay on schedule and budget. Therefore, we at Tempress has developed our own inductive sensor – the Indupec.

Hydraulic cylinder position sensor – Indupec®

The Indupec® system is a new concept, developed for electronic detection of the piston end position in a hydraulic cylinder.

The sensor and the electronics are developed especially for the marine use and therefore satisfy most of the requirements mentioned in “Specified approval recommendations”.

Indupec® system is designed to detect a metallic unit that passes along the surface.

The special way of detection enables the Indupec® system to detect linear movements of the piston in a cylinder, and, moreover, enables the system to detect the position within a very narrow band.

Its action makes the Indupec® system suitable for all use in hydraulic cylinders with integrated ball-lock.

The Indupec® system satisfied surveillance requirements for bow port locking / opening on car and RO-RO ferries as it is considered in the proposed draft: SOLAS amendments (IACS’s Unified Requirements and Survey Checklist) as well as the requirements state in the Ships Rules of Det Norske Veritas and Lloyds’ Register and American Bureau of Shipping.

The Indupec® sensor itself is designed to ensure a high degree of safety. The Static design pressure (MAOP) is 40 MPa ~ (400 bar) with a safety factor of 1.5. The dynamic pressure is 30 MPa.

The external design has a very robust and low profile, making it almost impossible to damage. Nevertheless, in case The Indupec® sensor is exposed to mechanical distortion, i.e. impulse/impact of heavy weight, and in case the housing occasionally should be removed by force, the detector will no leak, but will brake outside the casting and gasket in the oil port.

Tempress Indupec Proximity Sensors product list:

  • Indupec-digital - inductive sensor PNP
  • Indupec – Namur
  • Indupec – Programming box 6-402 GB

4.Tempress SF6 Gas Density Monitor

SF6 gas is extremely dangerous for the environment as it is up to 23,000 times more damaging than CO2. Therefore, extra care must be taken in monitoring gas leaks. Tempress offer instruments for this purpose. Tempress’s Gas density switches have built in contact systems to help prevent gas leaks.

The gas density monitor is used where a specific density is needed to make a “stand alone” sealed system function according to the performance of the system. During installation and filling of the system the temperature of the gas and the instrument should be almost equal.

Practical use of the monitor:

Sealed pressurised casings for high voltage switchgear, high power transformers and submerge power and telecommunication cables filled with gas i.e. SF6-gas.

There is 03 type of SF6 gas monitor:

  • SF6 Gas Density Monitor, A60 w. Adjustable Contacts - Sheet No.: 1-991 GB
  • SF6 Gas Density Monitor, A60 w. Fixed Contacts- Sheet No.: 1-990 GB
  • SF6 Gas Density Monitor, DN63 - Sheet No.: 1-992 GB

5.Tempress Pressure measurement products

TEMPRESS produces and markets all kinds of mechanical and electronic pressure gauges and transmitters. Tempress supply:

  • Tempress Pressure gauges for direct measurement, with diaphragm seal, built-in contacts or built-in 4-20 mA : P8360 Digital pressure gauges, MK5 differential gauge
  • Tempress 5-21 GB Integrated contact system: Type A14, A37, A82, A83
  • Tempress Low pressure gauge w. contact system: Type A1603
  • Tempress Contact pressure gauge : type A14
  • Tempress Autoclavable Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal - Type A47 - Sheet No.: 1-640 GB
  • Tempress Pressure gauge IS02852 A45 - Type A330301- Sheet No.: Tri-clamp DN38
  • Tempress Pressure gauge – diaphragm seal 1½” TC ISO2852 – Plus line : Type A4501& A4503 - Sheet No.: 1-620GB
  • Tempress Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal and exchangeable connection : type A33 TR0004- Sheet No.: 1-630 GB
  • Tempress Pressure gauge with diaphragm seal for homogenizers- Type A35 - Sheet No.: A38
  • Tempress Pressure gauge with fractional seal - Type A4601 - Sheet No.: A46
  • Tempress Pressure gauges with diaphragm seals - Sheet No.: A33
  • Tempress Pressure transmitters for marine, refrigeration, foodstuffs, chemical and pharmaceutical industries : P1232, P1237, FAP600, FAP-P610, P1211 , P1217, HD10 , HD00, HP00, HP01, HP02, HP10, HP11, HP12
  • Tempress Pressure switches:  P1360 – SwipGuard – Safety Pressure Switch
  • Tempress Capsule gauges – low pressure- Sheet No.: P1120
  • Tempress Duplex Refrigeration Pressure gauge - type A1102 & type A1103
  • Tempress Industrial, Maritime Pressure Gauge- Type A0903
  • Tempress Low Pressure gauge- Type  A15
  • Tempress Pressure gauge – Deep case- Type A131801 DN88x88 , Type A130201 DN80,  Type A130301 DN100
  • Refrigeration Pressure gauge : DN 63 type A1001, DN 80 type A1002, DN 100 type A1003, DN 160 type A1004
  • Stainless steel Pressure gauge – Direct mounted - DN 100 Type A1203
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge, DN63- Type P1116
  • Standard Pressure gauge- DN 63 type A1001, DN 80 type A1002, DN 100 type A1003, DN 160 type A1004
  • Subsea-Pressure gauge DN63

6.Tempress Pressure measurement products

TEMPRESS produces mechanical temperature gauges with different mounting possibilities: direct with clamp, pocket with clamp or welding pocket. Material Certificate available for all types. Options for thermometers include: Built-in contact or 4-20 mA transmitter.

Tempress Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors will transmit a signal based on the temperature resistance using a linear 0-10V voltage signal or a 4-20 mA current signal. If you need help selecting the right sensor please contact Tempress for help and Tempress will guide you to the right product.

  • P2208 – Temperature sensor
  • P2208-T – Temperature Transmitter
  • P2209 – Temperature sensor with sanitary connection

Tempress Thermometers

Thermometers are used to measure temperature using a sensor on measured media. Thermometers at Tempress are made of high-quality materials that make them both durable and precise. We offer different thermometers with both with either stem or capillary tube for remote readings.

  • Pressure gauge Thermometer Type A14, A37, A82, A83- Sheet no. 5-21 GB
  • Industrial thermometers- Sheet No.: 3-22GB – Type A-110, A-150, A-200
  • Remote reading thermometers- Type A73 and A74 - Sheet No.: 3-12 GB
  • Stem thermometers : Type A78, A7801, Type A79, Type A81, Type A83
  • Thermometers with output signal – Type A8303, Sheet No.: 3-26 GB
  • Pressure gauges and thermometers With 4-20 mA Signal out : Pressure gauge Types A14/A37, Thermometer Type A82/A83
  • Mechatronic thermometers: Type A86- Sheet No.: 3-35 GB, Type A880101  & A880102- Sheet No.: 3-45 GB


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