Network + Local Logic Controller IB-E03B Aichi Tokei Vietnam

EtherNet/IP based high speed communication.

EtherNet/IP is the same EtherNet used in your front office combined with a common protocol that provides robust, real time networking for motion, drive, safety, process andhigh speed discrete control.

It’s an implementation of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). Custom programmable ladder logic is available for fine tuning your specific application.

With direct connectivity over EtherNet, simple, seamless and high speed network communication system can be built from sensor signal through information data.

Key features:

  • Device Level Ring (DLR) though Supervisor
  • Simplified wring
  • Enables autonomous distributed control through local logic setting, allowing the control to make local decision without waiting for high layer command.
  • Various monitor functions ( MDR failure diagnosis)

Network Controller IB-C02B

Highly versatile CC-Link based controller.

CC-Link is an open industrial network that handles control and information in the same line. This allow IB-C02B controller to communicate with numerous devices connected through CC-Link.

Key features:

  • Simplified wiring though direct connection to CC-Link based devices
  • IB-C02B has two photo sensors wiring ports
  • Low profile to fit into conveyer frame
  • Frame in controller structure helps reducing wiring time
  • Parameter configuration through CC-Link based application
  • Predictive MDR failure


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