ITOH DENKI Vietnam, Đại lý ITOH DENKI Vietnam


ITOH DENKI is a global leader in design and manufacture of motorized conveyor rollers. The company is headquartered in Kasai, Japan and distributes its products globally through the subsidiaries in the France, U.S., Hong Kong and China.

ITOH DENKI first inaugurated its business as a small motor manufacturer in 1946. Since then, our core competence enabling the entire production from A to Z helped us grow successfully from a small manufacturer to a manufacturer of unique motorized rollers that enjoys majority of global market share. It goes without saying almost every equipment in our production facility are designed and built by our in-house engineering team, ensuring the product quality and reliability along with competitiveness.

Since its inception in 1975, the Power Moller®, an internally motorized conveyor roller has enjoyed continued success as a vital component for automation in manufacturing and logistics industry. Thanks to its safe, quiet, space saving design, manufactures in world wide quickly accepted the Power Moller®

The Power Moller 24, incorporating brushless dc motor is well recognized as MDR; Motor Driven Roller as defined in the United States. Its mega success at United States Postal Service (USPS) accelerated the global success in logistics industry ensuring quick and accurate order fulfillment.

Along with the evolution of the Power Moller®, we also have developed "Power Moller Plus" series conveyor modules incorporating the Power Moller® to meet diversifying market needs. We also have elaborated network control technology including EtherNet/IP, CC Link and Profinet to satisfy demanding handling requirements for high speed, intelligence and predictive maintenance, supporting the material handling in the age of Industrie 4.0.

ITOH DENKI  Product ranges:

  • DC Power Moller
  • AC Power Moller
  • Conveyor Modules


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