Metal Sealed Thermal Mass Flow Controllers & Meters 

Highest-purity flow path. Ultra-precise, contaminant-free control.

Many of today’s advanced electronic device fabrication processes require extremely accurate and highly repeatable measurement and control of expensive ultra-pure gases and liquid precursors. Brooks Instrument meets those needs with our game-changing metal sealed thermal mass flow controllers and meters. Precise chemistry control is achieved through the combination of ultra-stable, highly accurate measurement sensors, fast precision control valves and powerful digital electronics. Purity of the process chemistry is ensured by our high-integrity (leak tight), ultra-high purity, all-metal wetted flow path, designed to keep outside contaminants like moisture and oxygen from corrupting the process media.


  • Silicon semiconductor device fabrication processes – Etch, Strip, CVD, ALD, PVD, Epi, Diffusion, Implant and RTP
  • Compound semiconductor device fabrication processes – MOCVD
  • Precision engineered surface coatings
  • Analytical systems
  • Vacuum processes applications


  • For processes sensitive to moisture or oxygen
  • High purity flow path minimizes process contamination, enhances yield
  • Ultra-fast response time


  • GF125 Series   : Models GF125 / GF126
  • GF100 Series EtherCAT: Models GF100 / GF101 / GF120 / GF120XSD / GF120XSL / GF121 / GF125 / GF126
  • GF100 Series: Models GF100 / GF101 / GF120 / GF120XSL / GF120XSD / GF121
  • GF80 Series: Models GF80
  • 5850EM Series: Models 5850EM / 5851EM

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