Bộ điều khiển điện xoay chiều AC Power Moller ITOH DENKI Vietnam

AC Motorized rollers

Available in standard industrial voltage. Mostly used for the process or assembly lines, or bridge between machines in FA (Factory Automation) in every manufacturing industry.

Suitable for conveying load from light to heavy duty at relatively slow or medium speed.

Roller diameter(mm)

Power Moller model


For handling
light load(<30kg)

PM380AS[Standard type]


PM427AS[Standard type]


For handling
medium load(<100kg)

PM486BS[Standard type]


PM500BS[Standard type]


For handling
heavy load(<300kg)

PM570AS[Standard type]

PM570AU[Accumulation type]

PM570BP[High power type]


PM605AS[Standard type]

PM605AU[Accumulation type]

PM605BP[High power type]


AC Motorised Drums

Used as head pulley for driving belt conveyor in FA (Factory Automation) in manufacturing industry. Features include space saving design and no oil bath structure, requiring no maintenance.

Dram diameter(mm)

Power Moller model





ITOH DENKI  Conveyor Modules

Flat-Right Angle Transfer

  • Quiet and smooth diverting.
  • Transfer speed : 60m 17m/min
  • Max load weight : 50kg

dPAC - the flexible conveyor plateform

World famous 24V DC Motorized Roller from Itoh Denki, now adds total user-friendliness.

Easy to set-up, easy to run, easy to expand... idPAC provides excellent performance so E.A.S.Y.!

We embedded a small brain and software into each module zone. Thanks to this Itoh Denki's proprietary technology of autonomous decentralized control, each module/zones became fully modular. You can make a conveyor just like putting LEGO blocks together: Point & Click, Plug & Play ! You will be surely surprised to see how easy it is to let the conveyor play by idPAC.

ITOH DENKI  Pop-Up Diverter POP-D

Simplifies design: Just snap in the pop up diverter in the bridge between conveyors in accordance with required throughput and number of exit ports.

Modular design facilitates the installation without additional engineering.

Extremely low profile with no pneumatic structure creates clean, quiet environment.

Product designation / Dimensions:

Model examples :

POP-D-L45D-60N-A1 ( Divert Left 45 degree/Size A)

POP-D-R45D-60N-A1 ( Divert Right 45 degree/Size A)

POP-D-L30D-60N-B1 ( Divert Left 30 degree/Size B)

POP-D-R30D-60N-C1 ( Divert Right 30 degree/Size C)

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