Metal Variable Area Flow Meters

Durable and accurate flow measurement for high-pressure and extreme temperature applications.

Durable and accurate flow meters for fluid measurement in high-pressure and extreme temperature applications.

Armored to deliver repeatable, reliable flow measurement in demanding high-pressure, high-temperature applications, metal tube variable area flow meters from Brooks Instrument set the global standard for rugged durability and sustained accuracy.

Globally approved for use in hazardous environments, metal tube rotameter (variable area flow meter) manufacturer Brooks offers a range of metal tube rotameters that include corrosion-resistant options for metering aggressive fluids and multiple connection options to make it easier to interface our meter into existing industrial systems. Engineered for long-lasting performance, Brooks  high-pressure water or gas flow meters deliver excellent meter repeatability to help accurately measure and precisely control complex industrial processes.


  • For use in high/low pressure and temperature applications
  • Ideal for measuring fluids in hazardous, remote areas
  • Simple design is easy to install and maintain
  • Fluid TypeClean Gases, Liquids & Steam
  • Flow Range (Full Scale Capacity)
    • Air: 750 scfm - 1200 m3n/hr
    • Water: 440 gpm - 100,000 l/h
  • Accuracy: 1-10% FS
  • Class : 1.6 - 4 VDI/VDE
  • Max Pressure: 1379 bar / 20,000 psig
  • Temperature: 420oC (788oF)
  • Output Type:
    • Visual Indication
    • 4 - 20mA Analog w/HART® 7
    • FOUNDATIONTM Fieldbus
    • Flow Switches


  • Models 3750C
  • Models 3809G / 3809G ELF / 3809G TFE Lined / 3810G

Mechanical Pressure Gauges, Regulators, Switches, Transmitters

Industrial pressure gauges with exceptional versatility and reliability to handle industrial processes.

To withstand the pressures of demanding industrial applications, pressure gauge manufacturer Brooks Instrument offers a wide range of pressure gauges, pressure regulators, pressure switches and transmitters employing durable designs and materials. Using 316L stainless steel wetted parts ensures robust, reliable performance in harsh service applications in gas panels, gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes, process analyzers and more.


  • Gas cabinet OEMs
  • Gas distribution
  • Gas panels
  • Solar panel systems
  • Processes: Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, water treatment and bulk gas


  • Pressure Range-15 psi - 4,000 psi
  • Accuracy1% Full Scale
  • Materials of Construction : Aluminum or Stainless Steel


  • Brook 8600 Series Mechanical Pressure Regulators
  • Brook S122 / C122 / F122 Mechanical Pressure Gauges
  • Brook IPS122 / IPT122 Mechanical Pressure Switches & Transmitters


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