Power Moller is an internally motorised conveyor roller, that can be used wherever conveying power is needed. Because the motor and gearbox are totally enclosed in a roller tube, it provides safe, quiet, clean, and space saving driving force. The product is also maintenance free as all the bearings and gearbox are factory lubricated for lifetime service.

Depending on the dimension of the product to handle, the Power Moller is used with multiple free rollers slaved by belts. Decentralized conveyor motorized by the Power Moller also enhances flexibility, modularity and ensures continued throughput.

The Power Moller is available with broad range of roller diameters, lengths, speeds, and motor types along with many options including brake, watertight, rubber lagging, satisfying most of your specific automation needs.

You may wonder how such compact motorised roller with less energy consumption can convey maximum 1,000kg loads. Magic, it is not. Effective use of rolling principle, it is.

This may remind you of how the great stones were brought to build Egyptian pyramid in ancient time.

Since its inception in 1975, the Power Moller has enjoyed continued success as a vital component for factory automation and increased productivity in every industry. Millions of Power Moller have been rolling throughout the world to automate production facility in thousands of manufacturers, including TOYOTA, Panasonic, Sony.


Video : https://youtu.be/dDVYs1xT7EE



  • Gravity Deceleration     
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation      
  • Low Pressure Accumulation       
  • Bridge between conveyors        
  • Powered curve
  • Automated Guided Vehicle        
  • Powered Gate 
  • Right Angle Transfer      
  • Turn Table          
  • Lifter


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