CLS52-A1VA1A1  Inductive conductivity sensor E+H, E+H Viet Nam,CLS52-A1VA1A1  Inductive conductivity sensor, Inductive conductivity sensor E+H, CLS52-A1VA1A1  E+H 

CLS52-A1VA1A1  Inductive conductivity sensor E+H, E+H Viet Nam,CLS52-A1VA1A1  Inductive conductivity sensor, Inductive conductivity sensor E+H, CLS52-A1VA1A1  E+H

Origin Brand Code
100% Taiwan
Model : CSP50
 Bore:2"*1 1/2"
 Note : conf điện áp 220/440/380V khi order
100% EU/China
New Model: 2051TG3A2C21BM4Q4HR5
 Range : ?
 Pressure Transmitter
 Made in China
 Note : recheck code khi order
100% USA Origin MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: RH5MA0180M01T201S1011G2-TD01
 Temposonics® R-Series V Rod
 Note: Recheck delivery before order
100% USA Origin MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: RH5MA0700M01T201S1011G2-TD01
 Temposonics® R-Series V Rod
 Note: Recheck delivery before order
100% EU/USA/ Hungary Origin Brook Instrument Vietnam Model : SLA5850S1GAB1C2A1 Gas Flow & Pressure Meter
 Elastomer, Digital, Gas Mass Flow / Pressure Meters & Controllers
 SLA5850 Mass Flow Controller Air 30 SLPM
 Base Model SLA5850 REV B Mass Flow Controller
 Max Press 1500 psig [103 BAR]
 Max Temperature 149F [65C]
 Temperature 70F
 Meter Material 316L SS
 Valve Type NC
 Valve Seat Viton
 O-Ring Viton
 Elect Conn 15-pin D-Conn
 Proc Conn Sz 1/4-in
 Conn Type FNPT
 Fs Flow Rate 30 SLPM
 Gas Air
 Inl Pressure 7.5 barg
 Out Pressure 6 barg
 Cal Ref Temp 25C
 Input Signal 4-20mA
 Output Sig 4-20mA
 Comm Smart Emulation
 Baudrate 19200
 OutputEnh Std Response
 PwrSplyIn 24 Vdc
 Cert Safe Area
100% EU Origin E+H Vietnam Code: CLS52-A1VA1A1
 Description: Inductive conductivity sensor
100% Japan/ Thailand Vietnam Origin Matsui Vietnam Type: MC5-G1-25L95
 Mold Temperature Controller
 Heater : 4 kW
 Operational temperature : Supply water + 10℃- 95℃
 Flow rate : 20L/min @ 1bar
 Pump : 0.3 kW
 Water supply : 0.1~0.3 Mpa
 Manifold : 2 way
 Weight : 40 kg
 Hose set
100% EU
Durag Vietnam 1165804 Flame Detector
 D-LX 101 UA-30
 UV Compact flame monitor
 Not for use in the EU
 #Safety time : 1 sec.#
 #Analogue Output : 4-20 mA #
 - the mounted cable type is listed separately
 Welding Motor unit complete of Strapping Head H3000
100% USA Origin Dynisco
Model: TPT4636-10M-6/30
 Pressure Transmitter
100% USA Origin Dynisco
Model: PT4626-10M-6/18
 Pressure Transmitter
100% Japan Origin Nikuni Vietnam Model: 051P30VEU80YES4 Seal
 Spare part of KTM50F1-000
100% USA Origin (Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam T40-LT-70-SF2-0
 Thermalert® 4.0 Series Pyrometer
 Low temp -40 to +1000°C, 8 to 14 µm, D:S 70:1, 130ms
 Standard focus at 1250mm for LT70, G570, G770, MT70 only
 2-wire model, 4 to 20mA current loop
 Adjust emissivity via 2 rotary code switches
 Alarm output
 Micro USB for remote setup
 Basic unit includes:
 - Mounting nut
 - Fixed bracket
 - USB-Cable
 - Printed Quick Start Guide
 - FPI Software (Windows® 7, 8, 10) and Operator's manual as PDF file on Mini DVD
100% EU Origin BUSCHJOST Vietnam Replacement by Code: 2/672-06/0515/7008-IJ-DK
 Description: Valve
100% UK Origin SENCON Vietnam P/N: 391-06870-00
 NOTE: please make sure any additional Can stand or End Adaptor attached to the systems (SI9114) is also 8 pin version
100% USA Origin Aii Vietnam Model: GPR-1200
 Portable Oxygen Analyzer (PPM)
 GPR-12-333 OR XLT-12-333
 (confirm once ordered)
100% Australia Origin AIC
Code: PM4-BC-DC-5E-4R BDC Meter
 Description : BCD panel meter (special version HY0.2 software)
 Input: BCD/Binary encoded data 20 bit - please specify BCD/Binary signal voltage
 Supply: 12 to 48 VDC
 Display: 5 digit 14mm LED, keypads, alarm LEDS
 RS485 serial comms
 1 x setpoint relay
 Note : Kiểm tra stock trước khi chốt PO và xác nhận mức điện áp tín hiệu ( signal voltage level) để khớp với điện trở đầu vào Ví dụ :0-5VDC
100% Germany/ EU Origin Waygate Krautkramer (Formerly GE Inspection
 Technologies) Vietnam
Type: MWB90-4 SENSOR
 Order code 0056931
 (Surface Wave Angle Beam
 Transducer 4.0 MHz x 90 Degree - European Standards with side Lemo 00 connector.)
100% Taiwan Origin MOXA Vietnam Model: PT-7528-24TX-HV-HV
 EC 61850-3 managed rackmount Ethernet switch system with up to 28 ports (including 1 slot for a fast Ethernet or Gigabit module), 2 isolated power supplies (88-300 VDC or 85-264 VAC), -40 to 85°C operating temperature

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